Monday, May 18, 2009

House Pictures

Some few of you have asked about The House.

Some pictures I lack, but such as I have, I will give.

I still don't have a good image of the Three-Baby Closet, though I keep waxing rhapsodical about it. In fact, my closets inspire not only rhapsodies, but also odes!

The entryway. Just imagine it
without the pictures on the walls.

Right: The living room.

One of the listing photos. The sellers took the couch, table, and painting, but left the entertainment center and curtains. Someday we'll have a snuggle-enabling couch again...after we've closed on the house...

I say this cheerfully. I'm so delighted to have the house, I don't mind waiting to buy a couch, a new car, the King's Castle lego set, new bookcases, a new dishwasher, water softener, and a host of other non-emergency items.

I bet I passed the "one cookie now or two cookies later" test as a kid!

The kitchen. Look at the height of those cabinets! (Says the girl who is 5'2".) Glad I'm no longer a freshman in college, when I looked first at my apartment's kitchen, and then at my 5'1" Chinese roommate and said, "One of us needs to get a tall boyfriend."

The laundry room/pantry. I can stand in one spot and rinse, stain treat, load the washer, and iron. (Of course, I never actually do iron, but Lillian Gilbreth would still have been proud. She rarely used her kitchen, either.) The pantry shelves are also marvelous for canned goods, and there are hooks for cake pans over the door...

Storage room. Most of the toiletries
I got free or almost free at CVS!

Library closet. Two tiers of shelves.
Bliss...Other than the 60-odd boxes
of books still waiting for attention.

Upstairs now to the master bedroom. Imagine the furniture gone but the decorations staying. I love the blue carpet. It fits into my "Napoleonic Wars-era merchant ship" decorating idea.

Guest bedroom, present day.
No longer doubled as a play room!
Visit with impunity!

Guest bathroom.
I love the decorations, which stayed.

Align Center
Play room. Two closets. Two!

Eric explores the backyard for the first time and discovers a natural balance beam. (He is obsessed with balance beams. A few weeks ago we went to dinner at the Bishop's house, and Eric started walking precariously around the edge of the pool...)

Enough room for boys to run real "climbing" trees, but some potential "tree house" ones.

I have been cranky about the lender lately. We had an appraisal dispute that made things icky. I am trying to count my blessings by reminding myself that, even if the bank is annoying, at least we're getting the house. And it's working! I feel so blessed, I almost feel guilty.

Did I mention the new house has twice--twice!!!--the square footage of the old one?



WOW!!!!! I covet, covet, covet your wonderful house and square footage. Enjoy the awesomeness that is yours. :o)

Jessica B said...

Just linked over from Katie's blog. Love the new house. Say hello to the boys for me!

Carolyn said...

wow...I didn't realize just HOW nice that house is, especially on the exterior. It looks like a River Glen house in Fishers! ooooo

Gail said...

Remember, some of the pictures were taken with sellers' furniture.

And the carpet is aging. Still a great color, but several years old.

It doesn't have lots of pretentious details on the inside. No crown molding or other silliness. And most Texas homes are stone or brick on the front, though I'm not sure why.

It is almost the size of Mom's house, though, which is...lovely. :)

Krenn said...

Needs more photos. and a spatial reference system.