Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Samuel Stanley Berry

All systems go for launch:
Samuel, in an astronaut outfit chosen by his daddy, preparing to leave the hospital. March 30, 2010

Despite my fears of operatic melodrama, Samuel was an excellent labor companion. He was both courteous and efficient in his timing, cooperative in his delivery, and quietly charming thereafter. A right proper gentleman, he is, and we're all thrilled to have him join the family. I begin to entertain hopes that he will be like Jon: quiet and low-key, undemanding, respectful, and, of course, very smart.

Of course, I do catch the occasional furtive, sly look from Samuel. But fears about him appearing the perfect boy until the FBI shows up with a warrant for his arrest because he's been quietly hacking into their system can wait fifteen years.

Born ten days early, he was also under seven pounds. (Did I not mention his consideration? So thoughtful, like his excellent daddy.) Six pounds 14 ounces is a perfectly respectable size, but so much easier to manage than 8 1/2. He also chose Sunday morning (March 28) to begin labor, which gave me time to get the kids up, fed, dressed in church clothes, and to my neighbor's/visiting teacher's house before Jon whisked me off to the hospital.

Eric and Daniel attended church with the other family and spent the afternoon with them, but Jon arrived back in time to feed them a late dinner (considerately supplied by the aforesaid visiting teacher) and put them to bed.

Sammy also gave me time for an epidural, bless him. Start to finish, the whole ordeal took about five hours. I have an image of him moving with calm deliberation, consulting his project schedule at half-hour intervals.

The name debate was slightly more complicated. My low-key lobbying for Samuel paid off after he was born, but the middle name proved trickier. I proposed Isaac or Ishmael (S.I.B.), which Jon rejected. Hmph. I then suggested Ulysses (SUB), which Jon also nixed. I then sarcastically tried O'Flaherty but was again brutally shot down. Jon lobbied for another S-name, to make the acronym SSB, which stands for single side band in ham radio jargon. I suggested Stanley, Jon's own middle name, which was ultimately adopted. I decided to be magnanimous and let Jon choose. (Actually, when it came time to sign the birth certificate, I was absolutely incoherent and uncaring from lack of sleep.)

My recovery has been going marvelously well. With judicious allocations of motrin, I am functioning quite well, though still trying to take it easy.

We left the hospital Tuesday afternoon, picked up Eric and Daniel from school, showed Samuel off to the carpool ladies, and came home.

I will probably rant about silly hospital rules and interruptions later, but right now I'll just enjoy my baby and post the pictures you've been waiting patiently to see. :)

Samuel, enjoying a few moments of quiet zen meditation. Mama approves his low-key approach to life.

Three boys and a mongoose: Daniel and Eric celebrate meeting Samuel and introducing him to his first stuffed animal.

Settling in at home: A house with three boys is actually more peaceful than the hospital. Daniel is such a good big brother!


Anonymous said...

Samuel Stanley is certainly to be commended for his exemplary project management skills. He is a credit to his Grandpa Homer.


Carolyn said...

yay!! pictures!! I have the cutest new nephew ever! congrats again, and we'll figure out when I can visit :-)

Jon said...

Wonderful job, Sweetheart. I want to thank you both for making my job much simpler and easier, too. I appreciated not having to deliver Samuel in the car or endure watching you go through natural childbirth again because we cut it too close getting to the hospital.

BTW, I think it's more likely to be 12, not 15, when they show up on our doorstep.

Jon said...

Also, yes, he's a beautiful baby, and just as calm as you described. Well done, both of you.

Gail said...

Jon--yes he's quiet but he is also assertive when necessary, protesting injustice. But he never uses foul language. He expresses himself in more elevated terms.

The Austin Gurneys said...

Caught the link for your blog from Jon's FB page. Congrats Gail, he's so cute! Can't wait to meet him. :D And I'm still laughing about O'Flaherty.

Krenn said...

Are you certain that SSB doesn't stand for Ship, Submersible Ballistic? that's the first thing i thought of when i read Stanley;s name.

Three Little Brown Kids said...

Congratulations! So glad that things went well.

Amy M said...

Wonderful news, Gail. Still missing you here in NC. Fortunately, your legacy (book club) continues to meet monthly. Occasionally, a Gail memory will rear its head and we all smile as we reminisce, the new members looking around vacantly. ;)