Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Subtle Humor

I just checked my most recent "to do" list and thought it was funny.

Monday, 4/15/2013
Sort through mail
Find registration

Find prescription for Ritalin
Mathleague procedures
DI spreadsheet finishing touches
Play minecraft hide and seek with Eric
Do RS compliments

It's subtle. Look beyond the obvious.


Krenn said...

Because playing minecraft hide and seek with Eric is a higher priority than finding Eric's Ritalin prescription?

Gail said...


That's one way to read it.

Another is to guess that because Eric wasn't on Ritalin, I wasn't able to accomplish anything else.

But the truth is that I've been dealing with constant interruptions and distractions. Eric actually waited very patiently for two days for me to redeem my promise to play with him.

The story is that I was tentatively diagnosed with ADD and handed a prescription for Ritalin. Then I lost the prescription. And then never got around to cleaning off my desk to find it. Perhaps if I'd filled the Ritalin prescription right away, I'd be further along in everything else...