Monday, May 13, 2013

Mathleague State: Eric's Results

Congratulations to Eric, who came in 6th place among all the 5th graders at the Texas state mathleague competition.

Also congratulations to his team for their 2nd place showing among all the 6th grade teams, and their 3rd place overall finish. His group competed as a 6th grade team because that was the highest grade represented on the team, but there were also two 4th graders and a 5th grader.

Also, some of those problems were really HARD. I can't quote the problems for copyright and security reasons, but you'll need to take my word for it; most of the parents, even those from strong technical backgrounds, would have missed a bunch of those questions.

I don't have a picture of Eric posing with his team while holding their trophy, because Jon and I were running the awards ceremony. I'll see if one of the other parents will take mercy on me and share a picture they took.

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Gregory said...

Congratulations to all.