Thursday, August 15, 2013

Daniel's Story

[The deal with my writing camp kids is that if they finish a story, I will publish it on my blog. Daniel was the first to complete a story and edit it to my satisfaction. (That means no obvious spelling, punctuation, or grammar errors.)]

Here is a story Daniel wrote:

Once there was a model-builder who made models then transformed them into living replicas. Then he made a copy of himself to help with the work. But it turned evil and abused the other replicas. He put security on his replicas except the one of himself. It knew what he did, so created its own to use. But he went to the library and read a book called How to Deal With Clones, then did what it told him: get on the computer and go online, then make an unfriendly clones list, and click on the top, then type "delete" and press "enter." Before he did so, though, his clone barged in and strangled him! He pressed "enter" and it started to fade. He learned his lesson. THE END!

I expect more stories to be ready soon; most of the other kids are writing longer works with multiple chapters.

I was pleased that Daniel came up with this idea all by himself and worked on it with steady independence. He also accepted my edits and made the necessary changes with reasonably good cheer. Good job, honey! :)


Linda Berry said...

Thanks for sharing! What fun to see my grandson's imagination at work. It's great to see how you have brought it out. You are great!

Gail said...


Aww, Mom, thanks. I thought you might enjoy it. I know I'm enjoying "teaching" this "class," even though I'm not actually doing much teaching! Mostly I'm facilitating and letting the kids do all the work. I have concluded they learn more by doing than from listening to lectures.

The best part for me is that my own kids have whined much less about writing this summer. Having a peer group has really helped.