Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Der Ritter und der Drache (The Knight and the Dragon)

Tuesday, June 26

Es war gestern sehr windig. (It was very windy yesterday.)

I found the most adorable book in German!

I slept in and let Jon leave without me. Later I got up, worked on my blog on my laptop (I can compose it there and then upload it at the Internet cafe), and then wandered out.

There was a huge problem with the trains, which snarled traffic for hours. I think that gusts of wind derailed a train, not seriously, but enough that it jumped the tracks and blocked traffic. When I realized I would be waiting for another hour or two, I wandered into a local bookstore.

There was a cute book about a little girl who is being stalked by a dragon and ultimately fights back. The illustrations were funny. It was definitely in the "There's a monster under the bed!' category. Now all I need is a cute three-year-old little girl to read it to.

I finally fought my way downtown and visited the Frauenkirche. I even took some pictures. I know my blog lacks photos, but hopefully I can add them in retroactively once I get back to the U.S.

Today (Wednesday), I was hoping to wander about visiting churches and maybe the Residenz, but the weather has not been cooperating. It is pouring down rain outside, so I am researching castle hotels instead.

Because of the train snafu, Jon and I didn't go out last night. We managed to get a train back to the hotel, where we holed up and did vacation planning instead. This consisted of me saying "Would you rather see Berlin or Prague?" and Jon saying "Whatever makes you happy, dear."

What a nice man! You see why I indulged him in the Deutsches Museum!

I decided to turn off the lights early, while Jon was in a different partition doing kakuro puzzles. Inspired by my reading, I started babbling at him adorably in German. He could understand me, but he answered in English. It was very cute.

Here is a sample:

Gail: Aaaaiiii! Liebe, es gibt ein drache!
Jon: [calmly] A dragon? Where?
Gail: Unter das Bett! [whimpers cutely]
Jon: Are you sure it's under the bed?
Gail: Ja! Er hat gesagt!
Jon: What if the dragon just pretending to be there?
Gail: Aber er möchtet mir essen!
Jon: How do you know he wants to eat you? Did he say so?
Gail: Ja! Er hat gesagt, "Ich habe, nicht ein baarenhunger, aber ein drachenhunger! Ich werde dir essen!"
Jon: [patiently] Yes, but what if he's lying about eating you?
Gail: Aber, ob er richtig ist, denn ist das wirklich shrecklich!
Jon: Hmmmmm
Gail: Es ist zu...[searches for German word and fails]...risky. Und ich müss jetzt in die Toilette gehen!
Jon: [sighing] All right, I will come protect you. I will stand here by the bed with my fork and keep the dragon at bay.
Gail: [leaping out of bed and running for the bathroom] Danke, liebe! Du bist mein Ritter!
Jon: Yes, I am a very impressive knight, with my trusty fork.
[Gail finishes up in the bathroom and then takes a flying leap into bed]
Jon: See? Not even a singed toe!
Gail: [rubbing her forehead where she hit the headboard] Ja, aber habe ich meinen Kopf verletzt!
Jon: Well, go to sleep, and your head will feel better in the morning.

Isn't he adorable?


Carrie said...

Yes, that is absolutely adorable. It made me giggle. I'm glad your husband can protect you from dragon-monsters under the bed. :-)

Liz said...

This is great info to know.