Friday, June 29, 2007

Tantalizing Tidbits


I have been out diving into life, experiencing it fully, instead of just writing about it. Or watching someone else have a life on TV.

In the last few days I have been to the Viktuelenmarkt, several bookstores, St. Peter's Kirche, a -really- tall tower, a German mall, and the Residenz.

I have lots to report, but I will have to get caught up later, because right now Jon and I are trying to get ready to leave town. Hotel reservations, train tickets, packing, last-minute errands, etc.

I thank you for your understanding!

Hopefully I can get caught up again on Sunday. Or else I could be more concise and drop mere tidbits without augmentation. An example:

"What part of '14 consecutive flights of stairs' don't you understand?"

In Germany, milk in cardboard is always a bad idea.

"I bet belike and vielleicht are the same word!"

"Ah, non, mon mari arbeitet--aaaargh!" ('No, my husband' in French and then 'works' in German. Followed by a sound of primal frustration at linguistic bleedover.)

"'Rococonuts.' Hahahahaha!"

"Wow! No money changers!"

"Munich has obviously changed mayors."

Does this whet your appetite for more? Do you long to hear the stories behind those quotes? If so, pray that I have a really boring vacation, and that I get home early every night, disappointed by the sights of the day, but at least able to get caught up on my blog!

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