Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Story #1

.......Not too long ago, Eftari, Dirtball, and Picklesauce were sitting around a campfire.

.......Eftari asked, “Want to hear a story?”

.......“Sure,” Dirtball said.

.......Picklesauce asked “Does it, like the last ten or so, have a moral?”

.......“I think so,” said Eftari.

.......“Okay, you may tell the story, but I'm getting a little tired of morals,” said Picklesauce.

.......“Okay,” Eftari said, “Here I go...”

Eftari's Story:

.......Back when I was Dirtball's age, I was in my house with my older brother, Rodney and my –OUCH! Who pinched me? If anyone pinches me again, I will stop telling the story. Oh, it's just a squirrel.

.......Moving on...I was in my house with my older brother Rodney and my younger sister Lucy. (We had recently moved in.) I noticed a door in my bedroom closet.

.......Of course, I went in to explore. As soon as the door was open, a strange force pulled me in. Then I fell several feet.

.......I noticed myself in a dark hallway. I noticed a monster up ahead. The monster was starting to approach me and I backed away. When I thought I was going to be eaten, Rodney jumped in with two plastic swords and sets of armor, one for each of us.

.......A few seconds later, Lucy jumped in with her best princess clothes. When the monster saw her, he said “Give me the princess and I'll let you go.” I refused. So the monster went around us and then went between us and the door. We were trapped.

.......We heard a loud thump. Dad had jumped in after us. Then the monster threw Dad over his head so that he was with the rest of us.

.......Dad suggested that we use this basement as a secret base, after defeating that monster plus any others lurking therein.

.......We walked forward until we came to a large room. This one had three monsters. One went after Dad, one went after Rodney, and one attacked Lucy and me. After a struggle, Rodney and I managed to knock down the monsters after us. Then Rodney and I went to rescue Dad. When the monster saw the three of us, he let Dad go and ran away.

.......Dad pulled out a book that he had in his hand when he was thrown in and started turning the pages. It was a childrens' chapter book he was reading out loud to us. When he reached page ninety-two, he noticed a key. It said 'Dungeon of'...' then it listed our address. 'This is the golden key.' I decided it could be useful later on, so I told Dad and he had me put it in my pocket.

.......Then we noticed a door that was locked with ten locks. I tried the golden key. It fit all ten. Dad finished the book. He noticed that there were some pages after the epilogue. They were a guide to this dungeon. One of them said that this golden key we had was a master key and would open just about any lock within this dungeon.

.......After we opened the doors, we found ourselves in a library. “How useful,” Dad said. An arrow came flying toward me, but my golden key blocked it. There was another door ahead of the library. The manual said that for that specific door, the golden key didn't work. Instead we had to find three large gems and place them in their proper places.

.......The golden key started turning in my hand like a compass needle. By following the direction it pointed, we found all three gems and put them in their places. The door opened.

.......In the next room, we found my great-great-great-grandpa Lucas in cryogenic storage. It took him a few minutes to recover, and then he said “See that door over there? I recommend it not be opened. For the return trip, there will be a monster blocking the exit. I'll handle him.”

.......We went to face the monster. Lucas asked for the key, so I handed it over. He fit it into a keyhole on a metal cube and turned the lock.

.......When he opened the cube, it sent out a special wave that destroyed the monster. Inside, he found a folded-up ladder, which he unfolded and used to get us back up through that door. He told us all to put a hand on the cube and so none of us got sucked back in when we tried to go out the door.

.......We were back in the house.

......“Now, here's the moral,” said Eftari. “You know the door Lucas mentioned? From now on, I'm keeping it locked.”


Anonymous said...

I wish I had a golden key to help defend my basement against the local, Indiana variety monsters. They are very fond of the nuts and raisins(especially in Raisin Bran) kept in my food storage dungeon. They also drink peanut butter. However, freeze-dried zucchini seems to act as monster poison.

The author of this story could have given some excellent pointers to C.S. Lewis about characters entering rooms through doors, not realizing what awaited them.
Grandma Homer

Carolyn said...

I can detect a strong Brandon Sanderson influence in this work, particularly with the early interruption of the squirrel. I was disappointed that it did not make another appearance, as that would have resulted in much hilarity.

I am curious about what further properties this Golden Key has. It blocked an arrow!? I had no idea a key could serve as a shield. How LARGE is this key? And it's compass properties are also fascinating. Did Eftari take it above ground? Could I conduct some scientific experiments on it?

Jon said...

Well done, Eric. Did you type this yourself, or was it transcribed for you?

Any sequels in the works?