Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cheryl's Cake

"Come, Come Ye Saints..."

Cheryl's charming cake depicts a map of major Mormon sites, trails, and landmarks from the mid-nineteenth century.

She says: "You may have to look at them blown up very large to get the detail (the tiny place names). The blue squiggles are major rivers. The white dots are a wagon train (once again, you may have to look at them blown up)."

"East is east, and west is West..."


L.Austin Bernard said...

I like Gail's cake better because it tells stories better

Gregory said...

I must cast for Cheryl with the scope of the pioneer experience and the trek west reproduced in detail. Tasty too.

Carolyn said...

I'm having a hard time voting. I really like maps, so both of my sisters' cakes are delightful. Gail's is more simplistic, but it looks rather bold and classy. Cheryl's might be a tad too complicated, but the detail is impressive.

Ultimately, I will make the decision on who has the better map. That would be Cheryl's. I like the rivers, and the Great Lakes, and the labels.