Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gail's Cake: Texas, 1846: Mormon Battalion

Here is my Texas 1846: Mormon Battalion cake.

"The yellow rose of Texas..."

The dark line in the NW corner shows the trail the Mormon Battalion took across what was then part of Texas. The cake proper with yellow border shows the current boundaries. The cake is decorated like the Republic of Texas / State of Texas flag, with the exception of a yellow star with yellow roses instead of a white star. (I admit to cheating on the roses; I bought some pre-made and then colored them yellow.)

This was my first attempt at making my own frosting and then using a pastry bag to decorate. Over all, it turned out pretty well for my first attempt. The later blue (like in the expanded Texas border) looked firm enough at first, but then kind of...schlumped. Ah well. It was good experience and I learned a lot.

It is interesting that Cheryl and I both, independently, thought of doing maps. I'd had an idea of doing soldiers and covered wagons, but gave that up. The scale was all wrong.

"...and the Lonestar of yellow roses."

Several comments from last year's competition indicated that people preferred Cheryl's cake based on sheer size. I decided to solve this deficiency by making a Texas-sized cake in honor of my new state.

The cake pan I used is a double-mix pan. It was a very large, very deep cake, and the family gratefully snacked upon it for several days. Volume! Mass! Quantity!

It's true Cheryl's has a prettier background. But you can't eat marble any better than you can eat a cookie sheet.

So, who wins? Shall we do this again next year? Will anyone else join in? What say the auguries?


L.Austin Bernard said...

I like your cake better

Jon said...


You've got my vote.

Krenn said...

I don't see a scale reference on either cake, but i vote for texas cake, because it is texas. also, the yellow roses have artistic merit.

Cheryl's cake is cool, but lacks artistic flourish. also, looking at handwriting at that level of detail makes me dizzy.

Gregory said...

The roses look nice

Gail said...

*blushes* Thanks, gentlemen. Remember, though, I didn't make the roses myself.

Mark Griffis said...

A cake of Texas that is flopping over the sides of the cookie sheet due to its immense size gets an automatic win.

Gail said...

Mark--I think that, subconsciously, you just admire the Republic of Texas' libertarian leanings.

But it's nice to know my size strategy paid off.

I know what this is about. People are hoping to be around the next time there's a cake contest, and so are trying to create a caloric arms race which makes the cakes get bigger and bigger each year.

Anonymous said...

As a non-sugar eater, perhaps I can praise the cake without raising the suspicion of Ulterior Motives.

Although I would suggest that a garnish of pecans, for instance, would be edible in some circumstances, such a visiting grandmas.