Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"This orange juice is REVOLTING!...More?"

Do you recall the Star Trek movie where Data finally turns on his emotion chip, tries a drink, makes a face, decides he HATES it, and then asks for more?


I have a rival clip!

Behold, Sammy trying orange juice for the first time:

Well, actually, this was his third or fourth time. Jon claims his first two faces were even better.


Jon said...

Our baby is growing up. He asked for more today and called it "Juice" very clearly.

He finally figured out the sippy cup a couple of days ago, but he still prefers the bottle. Unfortunately, the OJ we have on hand has pulp, which would plug up the nipple/valve. I had to give it to him in a regular cup. He handled it quite well.

Krenn said...

wait, Sammy is speaking?

oh tragedy! oh woe! I have a dire shortage of nephews who communicate in non-verbal ways!

Obviously I'll be needing a new nephew as quickly as possible.

Gail said...

Ronald -- Sammy has been talking for months.


He has experienced a minor verbal explosion lately, though, and started adding more words.

My favorite is "Uh-oh, washe washe". Not sure what the latter means, but it's very cute.

Carolyn said...
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Anonymous said...

My apologies to Carolyn. She was signed in on my computer, which I didn't realize when I posted by comment.

Grandma Homer

Anonymous said...

Sammy is obviously saying his clothes need to be washed. How could you miss his clear offer to start doing the laundry?

Encourage him! Maybe he will be as dedicated in that department as his Grandpa Homer. I sometimes think my husband's epitaph will be "Here lies a man who tried to keep up with the laundry."


Gail said...


I probably ought to have rendered Sammy's babble more as "wayzhe" ("a" like in "wave" and "zh" like in "Brezhnev").

Still, I love your interpretation.

Sammy has been ultra-rapid cycling through his clothes lately. While I'm delighted that he sleeps ten hours at night, it's irritating to discover his clothes completely soaked almost every morning, despite high-quality diapers.

It would, indeed, make sense for him to be saying, in essence, "Uh oh, we need to do my laundry again."

I'll put him to work at once.

Brian Thomas said...

Pulp or no pulp?