Monday, March 11, 2013

Fundraising: Daniel, DI, and Bear's Baptismal Brouhaha

After a year of practicing and over 500 hours preparing for the regional Destination Imagination competition, our first-time team of six elementary students qualified to advance to the state meet. This is a wonderful surprise, but it comes with unexpected expenses which can create hardship to some family budgets. While most teams are sponsored by their schools, our team is unaffiliated.

As part of the fund raising effort, I just published a short story online at Here's the teaser:

Dave's teddy bear is almost eight years old and wants to get baptized into the Mormon church. The bishop says stuffed animals aren't people. Bear's grandstanding antics demonstrate otherwise. Who will win the most argumentative baptismal interview the poor bishop has ever conducted?

Though funnier to people familiar with the LDS faith, this humorous short story should appeal to anyone who ever believed that stuffed animals might have souls.

Any proceeds from now until April 13th will go toward helping my son's DI team get to their state tournament.

If I can sell more than 25 copies, I'll publish a sequel about Bear trying to pay tithing with live leopards.

This is a new venture for me and I'm sure to make lots of mistakes. Among other things, I didn't see a way to offer a "see inside" optional preview of the story. Let me add that here:

“WHAT?” shrieked Bear. “What do you mean I’m not a person? I eat, I breathe – except that one time when my mom had to do CPR on me – I walk, I talk, I know sign language! -- I act obnoxious and cranky when I’m tired. I get in fights with Dave and then we make up. I love little Spencer and George and help to entertain them…I have a birthday, for Heaven’s sake! How do I not qualify?”

“You’re not a real person,” the Bishop clarified.

Bear was annoyed. “I think you lack faith,” he scolded.  “I have lived, loved, lost, and been betrayed. I have almost died, had huge fights, gotten lost, and been rescued.” Bear paused melodramatically. “If you prick me, do I not bleed?” he demanded. Then, realizing he couldn’t actually bleed, he quickly changed tactics....

Here's the link again:

"Bear's Baptismal Brouhaha" for only $1. Low risk, high reward. Try it right now. If you like it, post a review on amazon. Recommend it to your friends. Offer feedback to me. (Yes, I know it needs a cover page, but feel free to make other suggestions, like how to tighten up the ending.) Help Daniel and his Bear get to an important competition. Maybe that adventure will spark another story.

(You can also contribute directly at this website: )


Cheryl said...

So, how does it feel to be a published author? I bought a copy.

Krenn said...

you changed the character names?

Gail said...

Cheryl, bless you! How kind.

Ronald--yes, I changed the character names slightly. Some vague notion of protecting the kids and their privacy. I know it's silly since I keep a blog, but at least I have control over the blog. I don't have control over who buys the stories.