Sunday, March 3, 2013


Facebook post from February 19, 2013:

"There's only so much genocide a woman's conscience can stand."

--Gail, explaining to Jon why we should go with one, not two, introductory garden boxes this year. He overruled me. Poor helpless little tomato seedlings...apologies in advance for your dessication. Haunt my husband. My guilt will be sufficient unto itself.

(I just don't remember to feed things that never scream at me.)

Jon Berry See if I share any with you! You plant murderer.
Gail Homer Berry If they're all dead, how can you share them with me? And if you're thinking about retaliation, remember that dirt on my pillow would soon spread to yours.
Gail Homer Berry Also, it would be plantslaughter, not murder.
Matthew Calabresi I always just smile to myself and visualize my nice, green, lush portion of heaven -- caused by years and years of herbicide.
Tedra Richter Cracking up here...Gail!! I thought u had the whole Earth-Mother/Gaia thing going on! For shaaaaaaaaaame!
Gail Homer Berry Tedra--no idea where you got that idea. I'm more of an ivory tower intellectual divorced from any kind of practical skill.
Brian Thomas Or get hardier plants than tomatoes. Like rosemary. I doubt you'd be able to kill that one even if you tried.
Gail Homer Berry My mom says zucchini is hard to kill, but Larry managed it when he was Eric's age. Of course, he was actively trying.

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