Friday, July 4, 2008

Lady Liberty

I spent a large part of the day working on my Combat Challenge Cake.

I haven't received pictures of Cheryl's cake yet, but I will post them once she sends them. I must say, though, that whether hers is better or not, I am pleased with my efforts. I learned a lot! I enjoyed it! Lady liberty is imperfect--I can see lots of little flaws--but I'm still proud of my creation.


Anonymous said...


Lady Liberty is beautiful. I am trying to figure out what she is holding. Is that an actual lit candle making the glow?

Your design, incorporating the twin ideas of the Statue of Liberty and a Southern Belle, is very appropriate for a resident of the Deep South. Congratulations!


Gail said...

Yes, she is holding a lit candle. I was rather proud of the idea.

Carrie said...

I love that she´s holding a candle...I showed this cake to my roommate and she was FLOORED, and said it was her favorite. It definitely is impressive.

Mark said...

Lady Liberty receives my vote. Combining elements from various stages of American History across divergent subcultures of the nation most accurately demonstrates the real value of the American way of life. While the Liberty Bell also contains elements of great artistic value, the besmirching of liberty through the use of chocolate in the piece constitutes an automatic disqualification from consideration.

Gail said...

How does chocolate besmirch liberty? I mean, I'm delighted that you voted for mine, of course, but I wish to be fair.