Friday, July 4, 2008

Liberty Bell

Here are Cheryl's pictures:

Very nice. She says her cake was well-received by her family. It probably tasted better than mine did!


Anonymous said...

The Liberty Bell is excellent. I like the star-shaped platform, the lettering, and the vase placed next to it with the star arrangement. What flavor is the cake?


Carrie said...

I have to admit, while lady liberty got my roommate´s vote...I have to vote for the Liberty Bell. -- it seems a bit more complicated of a structure, a bit more intricate of decoration, and I just like the symbol of Independence Hall in Philadelphia more than some mythological lady. I only wish I could have eaten it. Cake sounds really delicious at the moment.

Carrie said...

It also helps that I side with Cheryl on Reapicheep being insane. :)

Anonymous said...

The bell portion of the cake was vanilla, the star was chocolate. I was unable to get the red red enough with food coloring alone, so I added some fruit punch flavored generic kool-aid to the frosting. This made for a nice red color and a punch in the flavor. The red frosting was Greg's favorite part.


Gail said...

Yay! Cheryl commented on my blog!!!

*happy dance*

Fruit-punch-flavored frosting. That sounds...odd. Interesting, but odd. Very creative way to solve the pigment problem, though.

My biggest challenge was using frosting to put a smooth (and opaque) blouse on that tiny (and nude) doll. And finding a clip small enough to fix her hair. Next time I'll use fondant for the blouse, probably.

Gail said...

I was also impressed with all the individual star points. I can't do those at all.

Jon said...

Okay, now that everyone has had their say, I, as the obviously impartial judge, declare My Lady to be the winner. I don't see any fire on the Liberty Bell, and vases don't count. You can't eat them (although lit candles are admittedly not particularly tasty, they're technically safe to eat after being extinguished). I have tasted the product and declare it to be delicious.

Now, after seeing yet another slander against Reapicheep the Brave, I'm wondering if I can work another duel out of this. Are you going to stand by and let her say these things about him with impunity, Gail?

Gregory said...

One more comment couldn't hurt. I favor the bell over the 'belle' for the following reasons.

1 From the pictures, it appears that the bell with underlying star is more massive than the lady. Sometimes bigger is better.

2 The fruit punch frosting was simply fantastic. Full points for ingenuity and creativity.

3 The bell included two varieties of cake type (Chocolate and vanilla) thus appealing to a broader audience and bringing in the theme of inclusiveness to the patriotic cake.

4 I know how and where my proverbial bread is buttered

Neither cake gets many points for originality as both lady liberty and liberty bell are safe and easily recognized July 4 images. A diarama cake of Washington crossing the Deleware or Liberty Hall in 3D would have been interesting which is an undisguised bid for a repeat performance.

So says he who is Moody.

Kim Griffis said...

I vote for Cheryl's cake. It looked rather realistic.

Kim Griffis said...
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Krenn said...

I vote for Cheryl's cake, as there is more edible mass. If Gail had included a flag base, she might have won, but such is life.

I also maintain that Reepicheep is NOT insane, he is merely DELIBERATLY FOOLHARDY. SOMEONE has to set the standard for death-before-dishonor do-or-die Chivalry, and Reepicheep has volunteered. That is his honor and privilige, and is not a sign of insanity, as long as he understands the risks involved.