Monday, September 2, 2013

Tortured and "Twitter"pated: Day 2: Anger

Gail Homer Berry
Just read "Bear's Baptism" story to writing camp kids using Theodore "Teddy" to act it out. Ultimate usurpation of poor Bear! Guilt! (132)

Reading Les Miserables. Do we feel sorrier for the ex-convict raising a teen-age girl, or for the girl being raised by a clueless ex-con? (137)

[Someone asks if these short posts will become a permanent style.]

Gail Homer Berry [Name]--just for 1 wk. It's an interesting exercise & builds character. Seems I'm replacing quality w/quantity, tho. Feels like a poor trade. (139)

P.B. Gail... I personally like your longer posts! Keep 'em coming!

Gail Homer Berry @P.B.--aww, thanks! I appreciate that.
Brian Thomas--look what you've done. I'm maybe disappointing loyal readers. Satisfied yet?

Brian Thomas Perhaps if you feel you're replacing quality with quantity, you should post less while remaining terse? (113)

Gail Homer Berry @Brian--GRRRRRR. [Snarl]
Also, do you really want that? R u saying I'm annoying either way? (92)

Brian Thomas I'm saying, why dilute concentrated wit? (49)

Gail Homer Berry 140 characters is not always sufficient, even with extreme discipline. Example in next status update. (101)

Gail Homer Berry @ Brian: Status update (about dream) now up. Pthpt! (52)

Jan Grambo My haiku:

Jan Grambo Garrulous Gail writes/terse communications:/fascinating!

Gail Homer Berry @ Jan. Saw 6/6/4. Thought "Not 5/7/5"? Researched, learned that's English simplification 4 kids. You captured Gail/terse juxtaposition! (136)

Jan Grambo Actually could be 5-6-4, if you pronounce Gail as one syllable

Jan Grambo It also fits the classical concept of a surprise in the second line and the results of that surprise in the third line. Terse communications is certainly a surprise when paired with Garrulous Gail!

Jan Grambo BTW, when you posted a haiku in a different post, how did you get each new line without hitting enter? I just used the / slash mark, but you accomplished three separate lines.

Gail Homer Berry Shift-Enter, pressed together, starts a new line but doesn't "post." (69)

Jan Grambo Thank you!

Gail Homer Berry NP. (3)

Translation: No problem

Eric & Daniel have gotten sanguine about the nightly "lights out/book arrest." Now Sam also hands over books as soon as he sees me coming.

Aislinn Ricker Mellor It's really hard for you to be this concise isn't it, Gail? How long does this challange last? You're doing admirably so far!

Gail Homer Berry Yes, this exercise, which lasts six more loooong days, is good discipline. [Long-suffering sigh.] Thanks for the moral support. (127)

Brian Thomas Now if only your posts had words cavemen like me could understand. (94, including this text)

Gail Homer Berry @Brian: Me hyper-verbal, loquacious wordsmith. You math person. [Gail points] Word woman...math man. Ugh! Caveman capiche? I mean, u get it? (140)

Brian Thomas Grunt (9)

Gail Homer Berry Grunt = 5. My character tally @ end falls "outside" the post proper.

Brian Thomas (69) <-- There it is! (25, your style)

Gail Homer Berry Thanks, forgot to append tally. (32)

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