Monday, September 2, 2013

Tortured and "Twitter"pated: Day 6: Hope...Fear...Remorse...

Gail Homer Berry
Jon: How do u pass the Sacrament?
Eric: Um...?
Daniel: [Detailed explanation]
Gail: It involved systems analysis and spatial skills. Go #2!

Sam: "Ewic and I was wunning awound in da gwass! And I tagged him and he tagged me! And then I died."
Gail: "$$$$ 4 the lawn, now redeemed."

Home stretch: 1) 2.5 days of torture remain, 2) planning lengthy, loopy, loquacious blog post on it, 3) past screaming; mostly whimpering.

Teresa N Davis Looking forward to the loquaciousness!

Bottom of Form
Epiphany: I'm modeling stages of grief. Denial, anger, bargaining, sadness...trying for acceptance & failing...jumping among 'em, jumbled. (138)

"Sam, change out of your now!" [Blanking on "swim trunks"]
Irreversible vocab damage? [Nail biting]
Jan Grambo Vocab intact - just a retrieval glitch.
James Wright I think someone just had a Mommy moment... mwaaahaaahaaa!

Gail Homer Berry
Hearing Sam shout "uhbellyAYmus" ("expelliarmus") in the middle of FHE was cute... the first ten times. (103)

Aislinn Ricker Mellor Who was he trying to disarm? LOL

Gail Homer Berry Any & all brothers + (I suspect) tons of invisible monsters. Target rich environment, perfect for a budding magical marine. (123)

Commentary: “Expelliarmus” is what wizards in the Harry Potter universe use to knock a want out of an opponent’s hand.
Apologies to Brian: I agreed to this.
Without nuance, it's easier to punchline you.
I repent; in future, I'll blame the Scapebaby.

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