Monday, September 2, 2013

Tortured and "Twitter"pated: Intermission: Nostalgia


I even tried to keep things short when commenting on friends’ pages.

Extra 1:

When one person mentioned some of the odd things he’d heard in an LDS testimony meeting, I replied:
Fav F&T: "God sent this hurricane 2 help ppl repent" vs "Satan sent this storm 2 destroy us but I have faith..." Only I noticed discrepancy. (140)


My Favorite Fast and Testimony meeting:
Person 1: God sent this hurricane to help people repent”
Person 2: Satan sent this storm to destroy us, but I have faith…

It seemed that only I noticed the discrepancy.

Extra 2:

When another friend talked about her young son asking detailed questions about “the birds and the bees,” I suggested:

“Try acting it out w/stuffed animals. That always helps. I have birds and bees you could borrow, even. (102)”

She complained that these conversations always seemed to happen when she was trapped in a long car ride.

Answered I,
“Stay calm, think fast, and cause a fender bender. Works every time.”

That one was so short, I didn’t even bother with the tally.

As the conversation progressed, I added two more helpful comments:

“I was in the foyer at church, Very Pregnant, when a boy started asking how the baby would get OUT. His parents were nowhere in sight... (135)”

“A 4-yr-old asked me if trees could pollinate cars by mistake. This story wraps up reproduction, bees, & cars in a pretty bow. J (128)”
Extra 3:

A comment I posted elsewhere:

‘My teen lucid dream debate: Cute boy tries to kiss me. "I'm 15" "Just a dream!" "Still illegal!" "Say u were dreaming, no control!" 2 late. (139)’

(The dream ended before I could make up my mind. So, lots of worry, no actual action. That, in two lines, is a good summary of my entire angsty teen dating experience.)

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