Monday, September 2, 2013

Tortured and "Twitter"pated: Day 4: "Embracing the Pain"

Gail Homer Berry
Snoopy: It was a dark & stormy nite. Suddenly a shot rang out. The maid screamed.
Me: Everybody died & they all lived happly vr ftr.

Matthew Calabresi Sounds like a vague retelling of "Clue: The Movie"

Gail Homer Berry A demonstration of what we lose by imposing silly length restrictions. Disciplined brevity is good, in moderation, but so is nuance. Sigh. (139)

Teresa N Davis How much longer is this restriction happening? I miss your longer posts!

Gail Homer Berry 4 more days. Thanks.

Carolyn Homer Thomas Maybe we should ease you back in. You can get up to 500 characters for the week after? teehee.

Gail Homer Berry @ Carolyn--Nope. (16)

Gail Homer Berry @ Teresa--Glad you miss longer posts. Hopefully you still find this amusing short-term. (110)

Jan Grambo They say that every prose writer should switch to poetry now and then because it imposes restrictions on their writing that they would not normally have, and benefits their later prose writing. I wonder if this exercise will do the same.

Gail Homer Berry That's the idea. Like Emily of New Moon spending 3 years writing only non-fiction. Wouldn't let Brian bully me w/o hope of some benefit. (137)

Dream: Cuddling w/Jon, getting romantic. Then caught Sam running half-naked thru sprinklers, bugging neighbors.

So, just like real life.

Anyone else ever buy ice cream just to encourage prompt help w/putting away groceries? (87)
Top of Form

Gail Homer Berry ^See, Clint? Short.
^Still under limit! (39+87=126)

Translation: the caret symbol “^” was supposed to be an up arrow, pointing toward the text above.

Matthew Calabresi I've bought it before as a midnight reward, then eaten it at 3:30 PM.
Bottom of Form

New paradigm: brevity thwarts decryption. I will embrace this format w/zeal, honoring the tradition that includes "sighted sub; sank same." (140)

Tressa Winmill Mitchell You know you're almost waxing poetic. You could work this to your advantage.

Gail Homer Berry Practice makes perfect.
Tennyson: 'To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.'
Gail: To edit, re-write, cringe, then misspell "shEld."

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