Sunday, May 18, 2008

Best Mommy Moments: July and August, 2007

"But I think Jesus could not give the children hugs because the children would catch on fire!"
--Danny, panicking because of his excellent memory. I had told him months before about Jesus' glory.

"Mommy, Charlene controls 90% of my agency. If you ask me to do a chore and I refuse, ask Charlene and she will make me do it.”

Danny: No! That music isn't pretty enough!
Mommy: [appalled] Danny, Mozart was a genius! He taught himself to play the violin at age four, slightly older than you are now! He is widely considered the greatest musician ever to grace this earth! It's impossible for me to produce music prettier than this beautiful violin concerto!”
Danny: Mommy, I want the German CD instead. [He was referring to a Pimsleur language CD. --ed]
Mommy: [helpfully] Mozart spoke German!
Danny: [glares stubbornly]
Mommy: You turn up your nose at the zenith of western culture to listen to a guy who sounds like he's been kidnapped, drugged, and forced to read his captors' ransom demands auf Deutsch? I find this...troubling.

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